Connecting observations 

A concept is made up of a coherent set of observations. Observations must always be connected, regardless of whether you are looking for a general barebones concept to cover the laws of nature, or for a concept to describe a specific situation. In conceptualisation, connections are established between different observations, or observations and knowledge.

There are two ways to connect different observations:

It is evident, then, that you participate in the observation, you have a part in it by the way that you connect your observations with knowledge. Do you seek the general or the specific, the external model or the internal image?

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Ground ivy


One student gives a lot of details about an object or situation without revealing what it is. Make a schematic model containing all the details and indicate the relationships between them. Then construct an image based on all the details. Describe the image. Describe the differences that you perceived between the two approaches. This exercise can be done by two groups, with one group drawing up a schematic model and the other group constructing an image of the information given.

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